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PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun , 2005 5:51 am 
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Welcome to board77!

:banana: :cheerleader: :horse: :banana: :cheerleader: :horse: :banana: :cheerleader: :horse:

And welcome to the Guide to board77 thread. :) This thread is intended to give you an idea of the history and structure of the board, and a few quick references to helpful tips in navigating your journey here at board77.

For detailed information about how our member-moderated board is structured, please reference the b77 Charter index. There is a great deal of good information to be found there! The summary of our charter can be found here along with the Member Rights and Responsibilities.

The History of board77(often abbreviated b77)

Where did you get that name?

Alandriel answers:
In the days of the petition (Oct 04) I decided to open a free board on phpbb as a communication platform as discussion via email amongst so many people proved very cumbersome. And so, on October 27th, 2004 I signed up… and then had to come up with a name. For about half an hour I sat there in front of my screen… a name… a name… I didn't want an obvious reference to Tolkien. Just something.. welll… simple, innocuous. I went to make a cup of tea and then the number 77 just popped into my head. It's neither my birth-year nor did I ever think we'd get stick with 77 members. It just happened, call it serendipity – like so many other things just happen here

What happened when on b77?

Alandriel has also put together a timeline of events for b77, found here. It has a lot of good information about the early days on this board.

But I thought you were a closed board, or an invite-only board?

We were! Once the board starting growing past the first few participants, it became obvious that many people here knew they wanted this to be an open board. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the structure in place to accommodate that, until now. Hereis a great explanation of the history of our journey from closed/invite only to the open board you are visiting today!

Did it really take all this time to create an open board?

We have a great new forum, a history of the processes that have gone into opening up b77, Threads of Historical Interest. Into this forum we have moved threads relevant to the creation of b77 as an open board. Hereare the actual records of the effort and planning that went into the making of our self-moderated, democratic, open board. Major decisions were debated in committees and then submitted to the membership for ratification. Democracy can take a while! ;)

The Organization of board77

Who are the moderators?

We have no moderators here on b77… or, more accurately, we are ALL moderators here on b77. ;) This is a self-moderated board. We will rely on the expectations outlined in our charter, and on the vigilance of our members, to moderate our board.

Who are the admins?

Someday, it could be you! :) Currently, the list of admins—or Rangers, as we refer to them here at b77--- can be found here. Also, you can find out who the Rangers are by clicking on the small print that says "The Team" (next to "Delete All Board Cookies") at the bottom of the main index page. Rangers can be contacted individually or collectively through the private message feature on the board. Rangers are members of the board who have volunteered for this task (the volunteer pool can be found in the New Ranger Pool thread)and who have established themselves as members of b77. They are only Rangers for a short period of time; people come in and out of their Ranger obligations on a rotating basis. In this way, the burden of administration is not carried by only a few people, and the people who are truly interested in participating in the administrative duties can have a chance to do so.

For a very complete and detailed explanation of the organization of b77, please refer to the b77 Charter index .

The Structure of board77

The board77 index has our forums listed. We have role-playing, lighthearted talks, serious discussions, Administrative discussions, discussions about movies, books, music, Tolkien, hobbies, m00ts… many interesting and enjoyable topics.

We also have a few forums which are a bit unique. Firstly, we have a Bike Racks forum, where participants in intense discussions can go to resolve their conflicts. Secondly, we have the Thinking of England forum, where more private conversations about intimate topics are conducted… this is a restricted-access forum. More details can be found here, and here. Finally, we have a Member’s Lounge, where topics can be discussed between members only. This forum is not access-restricted to members, but it cannot be seen by lurkers. Conversations held here will not be available to information databases like Google.

And here's something else you need to know...

Notice: Adult language is allowed on B77, but generally occurs no more frequently than in real life. We do require that members be at least thirteen years of age before joining. This board also contains an age restricted forum for discussion of topics inappropriate for children. The contents of this forum are not accessible to members who are under the age of eighteen, nor are they immediately accessible to the newest registrants.

All new Board registrations must provide their date of birth and a confirmation email from the member’s registration email address before membership [in this forum] is activated.


But… can you help me figure out how to…?

Yes! Yes we can. There are threads that members have created, which are chock full of useful tidbits of information. The two most comprehensive threads that we have so far are b77 FAQ, and Gathering useful tips and tricks for future helping threads with acronyms and other useful bits of information.

But I have more questions!

Please don't hesitate to post questions here:Need to contact a Ranger? Post here! or to PM a Ranger (here's the current list of Rangers) with questions.

Above all, just relax and have fun. :Wooper:
Welcome, again, to board77!

Please PM or email with any questions or concerns. :)
b77_ad at yahoo dot co dot uk

Alatar, Jude, and LalaithUrwen

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