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PostPosted: Tue 13 Jan , 2009 1:42 am 
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This article in a Chicago newspaper sounds like some BS from some timber corporation. Finding the angle to log in any situation....even climate change. :roll:

My response to the article:
Whatever happened to the clean energy plan? Carbon released from trees isn't the problem. It's carbon released from fossil fuel that's the problem. Trees will grow back and take the carbon released from the dead trees back in......IF we preserve biodiversity, like that environmentalist said. Maybe salvage log some of the dead trees, but cutting the old growth forests and planting new trees in the name of producing a higher carbon sequestering forest is ridiculous. Biodiversity of the old growth is super important...the stored carbon in the soils (not just the trees) of the old growth forest would also be released if logged...and would damage tons of fungal hyphae and other old growth-scene organisms. I agree with the environmentalist who said we need maximum biodiversity to be most adaptable for climate change (species change). We shouldn't let something we have no control over at this point (the warmed temp) divert us away from what we can change (our sources of energy, ie fossil fuels). Most of this carbon sequestration hullabaloo is done by those making money off it, and by factories who find it cheaper to buy their right to pollute than to use clean energy (not saying it's the fault of the's a combination of excessive resource consumption and little government intervention to make the transition to clean energy).
Let's stop adding carbon to the earth's carbon, stop burning all the carbon miles below the surface of the earth, and start using that big, fiery ball that shows up every morning for energy.

Peace, love, and all that good shit! :heya:

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