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PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul , 2005 8:37 pm 
Seeking Wimbledon
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Will organize, and add more later, just wanted to get something started....


truehobbit: N00bish question about a line in the movies "For within these rings was bound the strength and will to govern each race..."
fisssh: Watch and discuss Lord Of The Rings
Voronwë_the_Faithful: PJ and Rhythm/Non-reader Reaction to the Films
Primula_Baggins: LotR Films: General Discussion General discussion of the films; MOS beheading, Mount Doom, "screeching Gollum", BBC radio play.
TheLidlessEyes: LOTR - The Critics
Voronwë_the_Faithful: The Hand of God In Middle-earth and Beyond
Pippin4242: Locations in PJ's LOTR
Voronwë_the_Faithful: Tolkien on Film: Essays on Peter Jackson's the Lord of the Rings
Berhael: LOTR; a 12 hour film
Voronwë_the_Faithful: "You and I will meet again" "Into The West", it's meaning
Iavas_Saar: For those with sharp ears - PJ's homage to The Ring? A SFX
Voronwë_the_Faithful: Imperial Cinema, LOTR and Star Wars (small Ep. III spoilers)
Voronwë_the_Faithful: "For Frodo" and the Temptation of Aragorn
Voronwë_the_Faithful: Isildur and Frodo Who is more evil/insane?
Iavas_Saar: Unscripted dialogue
MaidenOfTheShieldarm: ALINTTTFOTR Arwen's Life Is Now Tied To The Fate Of The Ring?
TTBK: LOTR Complete Score Box Set news about it
TTBK: LOTR Score Discussion
TTBK: The LOTR Symphony
TheLidlessEyes: No acting Oscars
Di Of Long Cleeve: Flawed but fabulous: PJ and me
TheLidlessEyes: Accents In The LOTR Movie
TheDuffster: Movie scenes other forum members ruined for you
Sassafras: LOTR scenes you FF or that make you wince.
Eltirwen: Why an Eye?
Eltirwen: We're writing the LOTR miniseries!
truehobbit: N00bish question about a line in the movies("For within these rings was bound the strength and will to govern each race."
Voronwe The Faithful: Ultimate Best Scene Poll
Di of Long Cleeve: ROTK: EE Revisited
The Lidless Eyes: No acting Oscars
Di of Long Cleeve: LOTR as directed by Steven Spielberg - pure speculation
Iavas_Saar: Glimpses of another LOTR
Axordil: Things PJ may or may not have done in a way that improved on
Sador Labadal: The Sador_Labadal Memorial Best-Scene-in-the-Films Poll
Berhael: The LOTR films on the news - again
Voronwe: Ultimate scene poll
halpm: I just bought ROTK *cries*
IdylleSeethes: PJ and the Responsibility for Restraint
Eruname: Arwen's Fate and Empathizing with Tolkien's characters
Sassafras: Eowyn's Dream
The Lidless Eyes: GOLLUM gay?
The Lidless Eye: LOTR, Dune and Adaptation
notlistening: An Evening with Peter Jackson
Farawen: ROTK EE Discussion Thread (complete with spoilers)
Rodia: I have just heard...(ROTK EE thread spoilers clearly marked)

The Hobbit Movie:

Silmarillon Movies:
The Lidless Eyes: Beren and Luthien


Alatar: Tolkien and Irish Mythology
Ethel: Sil Disc:
Ethel: Silmarillion Discussion OOC
Alatar: Tolkiens "Lord of the Rings" - Flaws?
Alatar: Are Tolkien Fans advanced readers?
Eltirwen: Adaptation in Lord of the Rings: Elti's Big Fat Paper
Alatar: Return of the King - 1967 Ballantine Books Foreword
Di of Long Cleeve: Which is the masterpiece: LOTR or Sil? Or even The Hobbit?
Axordil: Who in the Sil has the most pathos? No scorn involved. :)
theduffster: Narrow down this LOTR term paper topic:
Areanor: What edition of LotR shall I buy????
Alandriel: Nazgûl - a discussion
Jnyusa: There can never be enough Bombadil!
Pippin4242: Anduril What was it made of?
The Lidless Eyes: Tolkien - the name rings a bell?
Voronwe: The Istari Discussion Thread
Lady_Of_Rohan: Morning spending spree yields 3 books
Alatar: The History of Middle Earth Hardback
Voronwe: Silmarillion Film We Definitely Have NOT Seen Too Many Times
Amarie: Tolkien criticism?


Voronwe: The Ring Tempting the Good in LOTR Book and Film
Voronwe: Death and Deathlessness in Tolkien and Jackson
halpm: The Last Purist Thread
Alatar: Elves - Tolkiens and PJs
Laureanna: Tolkien's elves; PJ's elves.

The Musical:
Alatar: The Official LotR Musical Thread

fisssh: Tolkien Trivia
The Lidless Eyes: LOTR Caption Competition

The Lidless Eyes: Those crazy Swiss Germans...
The Lidless Eyes: So bad, it's really, REALLY bad.
The Lidless Eyes: For the parents out here...
The Lidless Eyes: Can't think of a subject title...
Lhaewin: Minas Tirith project
Leafy: b77ers' Tolkien Art?
*E*: The worst painting I've ever seen
The Lidless Eyes: EI8HT (parody)
Laureanna: The Bards Guild Annex

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PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul , 2005 8:55 pm 

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I like that! :)

From our key principles:

We listen to one another, make good-faith efforts to understand one another, and we treat one another respectfully at all times.

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PostPosted: Mon 29 May , 2006 9:08 pm 
of Vinyamar
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TTBK, I don't know if these links were broken by the move from HoF. I'll leave it to you to checfk them out if you want.

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PostPosted: Tue 30 May , 2006 2:59 am 
Seeking Wimbledon
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Joined: Sat 12 Mar , 2005 7:37 pm
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The url shouldn't be affected by the move from sub-forum to sub-forum...I'll check them all out though, and see if there are any other threads I should add to it, and maybe get this thing organized...



PostPosted: Wed 05 Nov , 2008 7:33 pm 
The Grey Amaretto as Supermega-awesome Proud Heretic Girl
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Now that we're on the new board, I think all you need to fix the links is to change the .net to .org in the board77 part.



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