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PostPosted: Sun 16 Aug , 2009 4:20 pm 
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Crucifer wrote:
Vison, in my experience, people don't watch films like that for fun, or for entertainment factor, but because people love to be shocked, sickened and disgusted. It tickles an unconscious desire to live outside of the law and order in some people, a desire they may not even know they have, and probably won't act on, but that excites them in a small, probably harmless way when they see it happening on screen. We, by which I mean society in general, is constantly repressing what is seen as wrong, immoral, disgusting. So when it's perceived, as if it might be real, or better yet, as an imitation or re-enactment of what is real, it excites us.

Personally, the most disturbing film I've seen so far is 'The Devil Rides Out', made by Hammer Studios. Kick ass film, but totally disturbing if you're watching it alone in bed at 3 am...

You're probably right, Crucifer. I just don't get it.

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PostPosted: Mon 17 Jun , 2013 2:47 pm 
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"Sucker Punch" is the most disturbing movie I've seen in 30 years.

I should have read the entire description before ordering the DVD... but this just sounded fun:
Sucker Punch has Moulin Rouge's freewheeling disrespect for genre, cramming dragons, zombie steampunk World War I German soldiers, robotic samurai, military helicopters, and gun-toting, scantily clad superbabes into a series of hyperviolent fantasies that spring from the undulations of a schizoid madhouse inmate. Sucker Punch also has The Matrix's disdain for the laws of physics, as svelte young women in tight clothes leap, spin, twirl, kick, and crash in slow-motion spectacles that only vaguely resemble how bodies actually move in space.

I was on a roll that day, looking for fantasy movies that weren't popping up in Amazon recommendations and those lines sounded quirky enough to be interesting and the used version was really cheap, so I just clicked "Buy It Now" without reading the rest of the description.

If I'd read this:
On top of that, Sucker Punch has a video game's disinterest in characters, narrative, sensible dialogue, or sense of any kind, really--anything that might get in the way of the next spasm of bullets and sword slashes. A troubled girl nicknamed Baby Doll (the preposterously glossy Emily Browning, whose china-doll looks previously appeared in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events), traumatized by her impending lobotomy, reimagines her asylum as a hybrid cabaret/brothel.

I probably wouldn't have bought it, and wouldnt need brain bleach right now.

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