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 Post subject: How to be a Ranger
PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun , 2005 3:30 am 
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This is based on Alandriel’s former thread “Admin FAQ and how to do.” The idea is to provide a concise FAQ that will be useful for all Rangers. If you have questions, please ask them in this thread.

The following resources are available to Rangers to assist them in performing their duties:
• The Rangers Handbook - a compendium of Charter related powers and responsibilities:
- Geocities html version
- Board version
• ”How to be a Ranger” (this thread) - a set of instructions for carrying out your duties
• Article 3 of the Charter - the Article that establishes the position of Ranger
- Geocities html version
- Board version
• The Ranger Training Board an experimental forum where you can practice using the Admin panel. (Currently not set up for the new board.)

All Rangers are asked to keep this thread updated as needed. Please, everybody, add and edit as you see fit.

Routine forum management

There are many different options and methods of accomplishing routine forum management on the new board. Please feel free to edit this post and describe the different things you learn while being a Ranger. I'm just trying to hit the highlights! -LalaithUrwen, 11.01.08

Moving/locking/deleting threads
At the top right of each forum, you will see "Moderator Control Panel." (There are 2 moderator control panels. One is used to move and lock threads and is accessible from the forum view topics screen. The other is used to edit posts and split posts and is accessible from the view posts screen.)

Once you click on that, you will see all of the threads in the forum listed with boxes next to them.

Simply check the box next to the appropriate thread, and then select the desired action at the bottom of the screen.

You can delete, move, merge, copy, lock, unlock, change status (sticky, announcement, regular thread, etc.), or resync.

There are also several other option on the left sidebar.

Check them out!

You can also moderate a thread from inside the thread. At the bottom left of the page is a drop-down menu called "Quick-mod Tools" with several options. This is convenient for working with just one thread.

If you move a thread from one member forum to another, it’s polite to click the box that asks if you want to leave a shadow. This leaves an image of the thread in place where it used to be; people who click on it are taken to the thread in its new location. Remember to go back in a few days and delete the shadow (you have to do this from “Moderator Control Panel” ??). Deleting the shadow will not affect the thread at all.

Don’t leave a shadow if you are moving a thread to an archive or Deleted Threads Storage.

Editing a post
Click the "edit" button at upper right in the post. Watch out! Now that you have Ranger powers, you may accidentally click the "Edit" button when you think you've clicked "Quote" during ordinary posting—and then edit most of someone else's post away! Most Rangers seem to do this once. (except tinwë. tinwë has never done this.)

Remember that Rangers edit members' posts only at their request. The only exception is extreme circumstances such as posting actual pornography or violent images, where members may be offended or disturbed by continuing to see the post. These are generally bannable offenses. In those cases, it's wise to make a copy of the post as it existed before you edited it, and paste it into a thread in the Sensitive Information forum, where it will be out of sight. The original post may be needed in a hearing. Note: When the hearing is over, or if there is no hearing, delete the "evidence" post promptly. Board77 does not maintain "secret files" on members.

Whenever you edit a post, fill in the blank where it asks, "Reason for editing this post." Putting in a reason here will not only list the reason but will also put your name as the Ranger, the date and the time. Alternately, you could do this manually by typing your name, the date and time, and the reason for the edit at the bottom of the post. Ranger edits leave no automatic trace, although there is a record of them in the ACP, General Tab, Moderator Log.

Editing a poll
Just edit/reword the poll options and update. Keep in mind that if any votes have been cast, those will be transferred onto the new poll. It’s probably best in that case to delete the poll and start a new one.

Deleting a poll
Edit the first post. There should be a little box you can tick to delete the poll. Hit “Submit,” confirm your choice in the dialog box, and it’s done.

Splitting a thread
You can access the “Split Topic Control Panel” either by clicking on “Moderator Control Panel” (MCP) from within a forum, by clicking on split thread in the drop-down menu at the bottom left of the side of any page within a thread, or by clicking on MCP at the top of any page of the thread. Once the “Split Topic” panel is open, there are two ways that you can split a thread:

Split Selected Posts - This method takes a random group of posts and splits them into a new thread. Carefully mark every post that needs splitting off from the old thread by checking the tick box that appears next to each post. Then enter the new topic title, if necessary choose the forum where the new thread with the split-off posts will appear, and hit “Split selected posts.”

Note: On the new board, you can merge split posts back into the thread. Copy the thread ID number of where you want to merge the posts back into, open the thread with the posts you want to merge, and open the MCP. One of the options is to merge. Paste in the thread ID of the thread where you want the posts to go, and then select Merge from the bottom drop-down menu.

Split from selected post This method will move every post after the one you select into a new thread. This should only be used if there are no posts after the one you pick that should stay in the old thread. Find the post that marks the point at which you want to split and mark it by checking the tick box that appears next to it. Then enter the new topic title, if necessary choose the forum where the new thread with the split-off posts will appear, and hit “Split selected posts.”

Be very careful about which method you use. Even if you carefully select each post you want to move, if you click Split from selected post you will move every post after the first one you picked.

This process is reversible now. :) Use the Merge function.

Accessing the Administration Panel
At the bottom of every page there is a link titled “Administration Control Panel” (ACP). Click on this link. You will need to reenter your password to re-authenticate yourself. You will also have to do this again after you have been out of the ACP for a certain period of time. Once in the Panel, the Administration controls are located on the left hand side and across the top, arranged in tabs. You can return to b77 by clicking “Board Index” at the top right of the ACP. You can also click on "Admin Index" to return to the main ACP page. You can open or close the left sidebar with the arrow at the very top of that sidebar.

Sending a global PM
Yes, this can be done now. In fact, I think anyone can do this. (If anyone wants to adjust those settings, feel free.) There are three groups available for PMing now in the PM screen--All emailees, All_Members, and Rangers.

I think the Ranger option will come in handy. A person can send a PM to the group as a whole, and we all will get the message.

Sending an email from the Ranger email account
Check the Sensitive Information forum for the URL, UserID, and current password of the Ranger email account. The password is changed every time a Ranger's term ends, so only active Rangers have access.

This email account is for sending official emails such as new member welcome messages. Remember that if you email someone by clicking the email button in their post or profile, the email will come from your own personal email account.

Assigning or changing user ranks
Ranks and rank changes are requested by PM to a Ranger, or in the Ranks thread in the Business room.

In the Admin panel, click on the “Users & Groups” tab at the top. In the left sidebar, you will now see an option, "Manage Ranks." For a user’s first rank, select “Add new rank” at the very bottom of the list and type the requested rank. Next to “Set as special rank,” click YES. Leave all other fields empty, and hit Submit.

Next, click on "Manage Users" on the left sidebar. Fill in the member’s name and enter. From the drop-down menu at the top right, select Rank. Next, choose the rank you just entered and hit submit. They are in alphabetical order but also separated by uppercase and lowercase. (Uppercase letters are first, lowercase letters are last.) Confirm your action by posting in the Rank thread. You're done!

To change a member’s existing rank, go to “Manage Ranks” as above, find their existing rank, and click “Edit” to change it. Edit is the round, green spiky wheel thing on the right of each rank. Delete is the red X. Once you hit submit, it’s automatically changed for the member. Doing it this way helps keep the ranks' list shorter.

Assigning Rank Images

Note: I don't think this is set to work right now.

Under the ACP:

Click on the Users & Groups -> Manage Ranks

Under the following section (Rank Image (Relative to phpBB2 root path), you have to keyin any of the following url relative to phpbb:
(Here is a link to rank images stored on phpbb --> LINK <--

Members may make and store their own images. They must send a valid url which can be pasted into the box at the bottom of the rank screen.

If the image is too large in size (area) or file size, the image will not work.
See the phpbb images for comparison.

Importing new smilies

Note: This needs to be done by FTP. You can look around under the Posting tab. Smilies will be in the left sidebar. You can try to import a smilie pak; I had no luck!

You can rearrange the placement of the smilies on the board, i.e., which ones appear on the board, which ones will appear once you click "View More Smilies" as you're posting, etc. You can also adjust the size of the smilies as they appear in the posting window by accessing the settings for each individual smilie. (Green Edit wheel.)

Inserting a clickable link
Please try to do this whenever you mention a thread. It makes the board much more convenient for members. Just type
[ url= ] name your thread [ /url], without the spaces.

The new board is very convenient in the fact that is shortens the url if someone chooses to simply paste it into a post, so that it doesn't stretch the page.

To make it more visible, you can underline it, bold it, color it, and/or change its size. Just be sure all the codes are nested:
[ url=][ u][ b][ color=red][ size=16]name of thread[ /size][ /color][ /b][ /u][ /url]

Activating new members

The first post of LIST NEW REGISTRATIONS HERE, in Forum Management, gives step-by-step instructions for activating new users. The second post gives instructions for activating new RP IDs.

Adding new rangers to admin status

To add a new ranger, go to the ACP, Users & Groups (from the tabs) or Manage Users (from the left sidebar). Enter the name of the new Ranger and hit submit. (You should be logged in as Administrator, as only Administrators can add users to the group "Administrators")

From the drop-down menu at the top right select Groups.

Add the user to the following groups: Administrators, Global Moderators, and Rangers.

On the list, next to Rangers, click on "Make group default for member." (This will change the user's legend color to blue.)

Update the Ranger Pool, Admin signature, and inform the board and other Rangers (see below for more information).

Removing old rangers from Admin status

Following the same steps as above to access Manage User and Groups, simply click on "Remove member from group" for the Administrator, Global Moderator, and Rangers groups.

On the remaining list of groups that the user belongs to, next to Registered Users, click on "Make group default for member." This will change their color back to purple. (This happens automatically, please check out that "Make group default for member" is bolded)

When adding or removing a ranger, please update the Ranger Pool thread (see directions below), the Administrator signature (see directions below), and post to let the board and the other Rangers know about the changes to the ranger roster in the Touching Base with one-another thread.

To update the Ranger Pool:
Edit the Second Post: Roster for Upcoming Terms of Office. Take the new Ranger's name out of this list. Copy it and save it.
Edit the Third Post: Current Rangers and Former Rangers Awaiting Reentry to Pool. Paste the new Ranger's name onto the bottom of the Current Rangers list. Write in the length of the Ranger term (3 months) after the new Ranger's name.
Add the Ranger whose term of office has just ended to the Former Rangers Awaiting Reentry to the Pool list and add it to the Fourth Post: Comprehensive List of Ranger Terms of Office by editing the fourth post.

To change the Administrator sig box:
Go into the ACP, Users & Groups (tabs) or Manage User (left sidebar)
Enter Administrator into the Find user field.
From drop-down menu, select Signature.
Change sig box content.

Once a ranger has been removed, go to the Sensitive Information Forum for the password list. Go and change all the passwords to something new and creative. Then list the new passwords in the password list. PM Alandriel concerning the changed Geocities (b77_ad) password, as she needs that to keep up our charter and handbooks. (Note: I don't think we'll need to notify Alandriel, nor should we change this password. ?? Thoughts?))

Then inform the other rangers of what you have done, in this thread:
Touching Base with one-another

Possible Course of Action for Board-wide Disruptions

Based upon this part of the charter:

1: Rights and responsibilities enforceable by procedures and penalties outlined in the Charter

A. You have the right:

4. To address personal disputes in the Bike Racks forum, and in other forums to post free of disruptions caused by the personal disputes of others.

And this part:

Extraordinary Powers of Admins

Recognizing that unforeseen events may occur which require a quick response, Board77 Rangers are expected to use their best judgment in emergencies, and to take whatever action they believe necessary to protect the board. An emergency would be an event which threatened real and immediate harm, but which is not otherwise addressed by this charter. In such an event, the Ranger(s) in question would be expected to explain the circumstances and consult with the board membership as soon as possible. Such measures are temporary by their nature and subject to review by a Standing Committee for Charter Amendments.

It seems a reasonable course of action to temporarily confine a person to one forum (e.g., the Bike Racks) when that person is causing a board-wide disruption. This action should not be taken lightly, of course. However, we know that with each global disruption we have posters who leave, which is a threat to the board itself, and it is a violation of all members' rights when they cannot post "free of the disruptions caused by the personal disputes of others." In light of these things, this course of action should be considered as a possibility in order to contain the situation to one place.

The purpose would not be to silence the person or persons involved in the dispute. It would simply be to take the person(s) causing a board-wide disruption and make him or her stay in once place till he/she cooled off, so as not to violate the other members' rights or to threaten the livelihood of the board itself.

Respectfully submitted by LalaithUrwen, 24 Sept 07, fwiw.

Counting a PM ballot and Instant Runoff Vote

In the event that a binding vote of the membership has to use Instant Runoff Voting, the ballots will be PMed to the Administrator screen name account. Follow these steps to tabulate such a ballot.

Tabulating the ballot
Log onto the “Administrator” screen name and go to the “Sensitive Information” forum. Create a new thread titled “Tabulating Ballots for <insert name of ballot>”. Insert the following text into the first post:

“This thread is for tabulating the ballots for the <insert ballot name> vote. The Rangers should check the Administrator screen name’s PM mail box regularly for ballots. (You should also check the Ranger’s yahoo mailbox, as some members will inevitably send their ballots there). When a new ballot is received, first send a PM to the voter confirming that you have received their vote. Then make a new post in this thread, using the Administrator screen name, quoting the ballot as it was received in the PM. If you receive a ballot in your personal PM mail box, post the ballot in this thread using your own screen name. Do not make any other posts in this thread. That way, the number of posts shown on the index page will always equal the number of ballots received. This is an easy way to see if the vote has reached a quorum.

The first post of this thread will also contain a running count of the ballots received. After posting each ballot in this thread, come back and edit this post to include the result of the ballot, the name of the poster, and the date the ballot was received. Example:

Question 1 - A,B,C,D. Question two - D,C,B,A. Poster X, 01 October”

After the voting period is over, tabulate the results and report them to the Mayor. More than one Ranger should tabulate the results to cross check the count. After the results have been reported and accepted by the Mayor the thread should be deleted so that new Rangers will not have access to the ballots. Also, the ballots should be deleted from the Administrator’s PM mail box and from the Ranger’s yahoo mail box (if there are any).

Note that by using the Administrator screen name to post the ballots in the thread, the Ranger’s post counts will not be effected when the thread is deleted.

As we don't have a Mayor any more, the Rangers can decide who will report the results and who will assume the responsibilities of the Mayor.

Counting an Instant Runoff Vote
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) is a type of voting in which voters rank a list of choices by preference instead of picking one choice. The purpose of IRV is to produce an outcome in which one of the choices always receives a majority of votes. This is achieved through multiple counts of the ballots in which the lowest ranking choices are eliminated until a winning choice is achieved. A choice wins when it has more than 50% of the vote.

To count an IRV:

First count Count the first choice of each ballot. If any choice receives more than 50% it is the winner and the count is finished. If no choice receives more than 50%, proceed to the...

Second count Whichever choice received the lowest of number of votes during the first count should be discarded. Any voters who picked that as their first choice should have their first choice discarded and their second choice counted. Recount the votes using the second choice of those ballots. All of the other ballots should still have their first choice counted.

If the choice with the lowest number of votes is a tie, then count how many posters preferred one to the other regardless of where in the ranking they appeared. The one that was least often preferred should be eliminated first. For example, if B and C are tied at the bottom, count how many voters put B on top of C and how many put C on top of B. One of the two will always have an absolute majority, and you eliminate the other one first.

If there is still no winner after this count, proceed to the...

Third count This is where it gets tricky. Some of the ballots will still have their first choice counted (if it was not eliminated in the first two counts), some will have their second choice counted (if their first was eliminated in the first or second count), and some will have their third choice counted (if their first two were eliminated in the first two counts).

Depending on the number of choices in the ballot, repeat this process until there is a winner.

In theory IRV will always yield a winning a choice, however there are some factors that can prevent this. For instance, if voters do not complete their ballots by ranking all of the choices, then it may prove impossible for any choice to receive 50% of the votes. In that case the vote is ruled invalid. It is also possible for there to be a tie, in which case the vote is also ruled invalid.

A more thorough explanation of IRV can be found here:
Instant Runoff Voting

Counting the Active Members for use in determining a quorum

When there is a binding vote of the membership, a quorum must be calculated to determine how many votes are needed for it to be binding. The quorum is based on the number of active members during the last 60 days. To determine this number:

Note: I do not see a way to do this with the new board. ???

Go to the Administration Panel. Go to the User Admin>User list. Sort members by “last activity” (change the “show”number to 300 so it shows everyone on one page), then manually count the number of people who have not been active in the last sixty days and subtract that from the total. Then, count the number of RP characters who have not been active in the last sixty days (the list of RP characters can be found in the Character Registry in the There and Back Again forum), subtract that number from the total number of RP’s and subtract the difference from the difference of the total-minus-inactive number. Then subtract the mayor and administrator. This is the number of active members for the last 60 days. Report that number to the Mayor in Michel Delving forum.

Processing Requests for Access to the Thinking of England forum

When a member has met the eligibility requirements (over 18, 100 posts, 3 months of membership) they may request access to ToE. When a member makes a request add their name to the list thread (here) in the Sensitive Information forum along with their age. Log into the Administrator screen name and go to the ToE forum. Create a new thread there titled “Access request for <poster’s name>”, set it to be an announcement thread, and put the following text in the first post:

"<Member name> has requested access to this forum. Members have until <10 days from day of announcement> to consider whether they have a reasonable belief that the rules pertaining to posting on the ToE forum are likely to be broken by the petitioner based on past experience either here or elsewhere. Those rules include posting in a manner that ridicules, demeans or threatens other posters, or engaging in provocation or the spreading of sensitive information.

"ToE members who object to the petitioner gaining access should submit a brief explanation by PM to a Ranger or by email to the Administrator account. List of Rangers and Admin. acct. email address A Ranger will send an email acknowledgment to each person who submits an objection to let them know their objection has been received, and will forward a copy of this acknowledgment to a designated ToE member. Once two objections are submitted, a summary of those objections will be posted in this thread and the thread will continue to be updated in this way as more objections are received. Please do not post in this thread; it is intended for official updates only. Members are asked to refrain from publicly discussing the petitioner during the consideration period, as the petitioner is not in a position to respond.

"If at least two objections to the petitioner gaining access are submitted, a poll will be added to the thread approximately halfway (five days) into the objection period; ToE members who believe the petitioner should be denied access based on the objections listed should indicate this by voting in the poll. If 12 members vote to deny access, the petitioner is denied access to the forum for a six-month period, after which time they may reapply. Forum members are trusted to refrain from trying to deny the petitioner access without good reason."

Check the Administrator PM inbox and the Ranger’s yahoo email account on a regular basis during the ten day period to see if any objections have been submitted. If there are two or more objections, then add the poll to the thread. The poll should have the following options:

- I think the petitioner should be denied access to ToE based on the objections stated in the thread
- This option is only here because a poll requires at least two options

When the 10-day period is over, announce in the ToE thread whether the petitioner is granted or denied access and supply the petitioner with a summary of the objections lodged against them, making every effort to avoid revealing the identity of those objecting. The petitioner's thread will be left up for an additional three days, after which time it should be deleted.

If the number of votes is less than 12, the petitioner will be granted access to the forum. Before permission is activated, an email with the “Thinking of England” forum sticky note information will be forwarded to the new member, who will be required to agree to the terms of participation in that forum as outlined in that sticky by return email. The text of the email can be found here: Agreement to Enter ToE. It is also stored as a draft in the Ranger’s yahoo email account. The email should be sent from that account. When the petitioner has responded to the email add them to the ToE user group. Go to the ACP>Users & Groups (tabs) or Manage Users (left sidebar)>Enter User Name>Groups. Add the user to the Thinking of England group. Send a confirmation PM to the member notifying them that they have been added to the group and may access the forum.

Please PM or email with any questions or concerns. :)
b77_ad at yahoo dot co dot uk

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WORK IN PROGRESS: List of threads to be maintained by Rangers

From a while back, there is my old Ranger FAQ thread and I have asked that to be redone with the Administrator ID also for the purpose of easy upkeep by all Rangers.

Threads are: maintenance ones in red

In welcome:
- B77 FAQ - done new with Admin ID
- Who are the Rangers? New thread with Admin ID plus updating of info
- A guide to board 77
- another new thread (laureanna was working on that in this thread) containing acronyms, special fonts and other bits and pieces.

In Business:
- added sticky 06 Nov 05, Jn
- Concerns, Problems & suggestions with this board long running thread for member input/questions etc. No need to be redone (but can be of course if preferred) since Rangers keep a tap on this one and answer questions

- Ranks where members can request a change in rank aka title. Long running thread. See above

Threads of Historical Interest:
- added sticky, 06 Nov 05, Jn
-Directory of Charter Convention Threads

- added sticky, 06 Nov 05, Jn

There and back again:
- RP Alternative Character registry all done new :)
- Resources Alandriel taking care of it
- Welcome old sticky of the 'how's of the forum. Maintained by Dindraug

Made in Dale:
-Welcome to Made in Dale updated (Prim)

m77t / Geek:
added sticky 5 Nov 2005 (Holby)
About This Forum
Thinking of England:
- Please read before posting in this forum

Members Lounge:
- Welcome to the members lounge Admin ID already in place

Literary rambles
- shuush.... Dindraug might want to update in the future.

Movies & Music respectively
- added sticky, 06 Nov, Jn

- How to use the Bikeracks Admin ID . Text now says Ranger. 2nd post contains mediator volunteers

Jury Room:
- How to use the Jury room Admin ID. Text now says Ranger. 2nd post contains list of jury volunteers

- What is the Archive Administrator ID.

Forum management:
How to be a Ranger. How to do Ranger tasks—newly updated.

- touching base with one another daily check-in thread. Ongoing

Please PM or email with any questions or concerns. :)
b77_ad at yahoo dot co dot uk

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Groups and Permissions:

Group Admin:

What a member (or the public) is able to do in each forum is determined by the Group(s) to which they belong, the Permission settings for that Group, and the Permission settings for each Forum.

Permissions for each Group are set in Users and Group - Manage Groups, Groups' Permissions, or Groups' Forum Permissions (described below).

Permissions for each Forum are set in Forums - Manage Forums or Forum Permissions (described below).

People are added to and deleted from Groups using the Usergroups link at the top of the Forum Index page (described below).

Visitors who are not registered members have not been placed in any Groups, but they can read all the forums whose permissions to “View” and to “Read” are set to ALL.

These forums are: • Welcome • Business Room • Threads of Historical Interest • Turf • Symposium • There and Back Again • Made in Dale • Hall of Fire • Literary Rambles • Vidistine Moventes • La Camerata •

As soon as a person registers as a member of the board, their name must be added to one or more Groups, and then they can use the permissions of that group in each of the forums.

All_Users is the standard set of permissions—this is the group to which you add new members. New members are also added to All emailees.

Other Groups are • Admins • Bike Racks • Jury Room • Mayor (a group of one) • RP Characters • Special Permissions (for individual needs as they arise) • Thinking of England.

The criteria for membership in these groups and the permissions attached to each forum are detailed below under "Changing Permissions."

How to Add and Delete Group Members:

To add a member to a group:
click on "Usergroups" at the top of the Forum Index page. Select from the drop-down list the group to which you wish to add the member and then click "View Information".

At the bottom left of the information page is a box in which you type the member's name. Then click the "Add Member" button. That's it. You can only add one member at a time from this page.

If you’ve created a new group and have to add many members at once , go to the Administrator panel, USER ADMIN - USER LIST. Select all the users who must go into the new group by putting a checkmark in the select box at the far right. At lower left is a box labeled "Select One" from which you pick the option "Add to a Group."

To delete a member or members: click on “Usergroups”at the top of the Forum Index page. Select from the drop-down list the group from which you wish to delete a member(s) and then click “View Information.” On the group-member list which follows, click the box at the far right next to each selected name and then click the "Remove Selected" button. You can delete multiple members at one time from this page.

How Permissions Work:
There is one thing to remember about permissions: only ON permissions count. If a user is a member of three groups and also has a couple of special individual permissions, that user’s permissions are the sum of all the ON permissions in all the groups and the individual settings. It doesn’t matter if a permission is OFF in one group if it is ON in a different group of which the person is also a member. This is why individual permissions should be turned ON only very rarely—it’s easy to forget to turn them off again when the need passes.

Changing Permissions

In most cases, Member (User) permissions are changed simply by adding them to or deleting them from a Group.

The exceptions to this are:
(1) members who are confined to either the Bike Racks or the Jury Room. When they are added to the Bike Racks Group and the Jury Room Group, they must also be removed from the All_Members group.

(2) Committee Chairpersons, when added to the Jury Room Group, must have their permissions to make Stickies and Announcements turned on individually under USER ADMIN - PERMISSIONS.

Permissions associated with a Group are changed by going to GROUP ADMIN - PERMISSIONS in the Administrator Panel and changing the toggle switches to ON or OFF for the relevant forum.

Permissions associated with a forum are changed by going to FORUM ADMIN - PERMISSIONS in the Administrator Panel and changing the toggle switches for each capability there.

If toggle switches are not showing on a Permissions page, go to the bottom of the table that is showing, and click on the blue link that says "Advanced Mode."

Second Warning: Most permissions at the Forum Level should be set to Private so that members are not accidentally given access to places they should not be from some other place on the Administrator Panel.

GROUP and FORUM toggle switches should not be changed unless a majority of Rangers agree that it is necessary. In some cases it should also be discussed with the Membership in the Business Room.

Summary of the Permissions Currently Associated with Groups and Forums

Forums visible to the public are listed above. All members are granted access to view, read, post, and edit in these forums (and delete their own post if no one else has posted after them). Stickies and Announcements are reserved for Rangers.

For Michel Delving the forum title can be viewed by the public but not the threads. Registered members can read and post in the forum. Rangers should be careful not to make any edits to the lists maintained by the Mayor.

Threads of Historical Interest is a read-only forum. The threads can be viewed by the public as well as the members.

The Members’ Lounge is not visible to the public, neither the Forum Title nor the threads. But all registered members have all the usual permissions here.

For M77t and Geek the forum title can be viewed by the public but not the threads. Registered members can read and post in the forum.

New membership in the ToE Group is granted at the request of the new member and approval of the existing members. This Forum Title can be viewed by the public but the threads can only be read by members of the group. Only members of the group can post here.

Membership in the BikeRacks Group is only for Members confined to the Bike Racks. All other members of Board77 have all the usual reading and posting permission in this forum. When a person is added to this group they must be removed from the All-Members Group.
Members who are confined to the Bike Racks can read the rest of the board but cannot post. This Forum Title can be viewed by the public but the threads can only be read by registered members of Board77.

Membership in the Jury Room Group can be granted by any Ranger whenever a Committee is formed or when a Hearing is being held. For members of the Group, all the usual permissions apply. Permission to make Stickies and Announcements have to be turned on individually for the Committee Chairperson. This is done under USER ADMIN—PERMISSIONS. This Forum Title can be viewed by the public but the threads can only be read by registered members of Board77.

The Archives is a read-only forum. Permission to post in this forum has to be turned on individually for the juror designated to summarize a Hearing, or for anyone who has legal information to add to the forum. This is done under USER ADMIN—PERMISSIONS.

The Ranger Forums are Forum management, Sensitive Information, and Deleted threads storage. The title of Forum Management can be viewed by the public but not the threads. Registered members can read the threads but cannot post in them. The other two forums cannot be viewed by the public or seen by the members. They are for use by the Rangers to protect the privacy of members who have participated in Hearings (Deleted threads storage) and the security of passwords (Sensitive Information). Ranger discussions should not take place in these last two forums unless this is necessary to protect the privacy of individual posters.

Please PM or email with any questions or concerns. :)
b77_ad at yahoo dot co dot uk

Alatar, Jude, and LalaithUrwen

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