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 Post subject: The Ranger Handbook
PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct , 2005 5:12 am 
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Handbook for Rangers

This is the Handbook for the Administrators (termed 'Rangers' of board 77 according to our Constitution.)

Before doing anything else, Please read the Ranger Code of Conduct, Art.3
(also contained in the second post of this thread)

The following resources are available to Rangers to assist them in performing their duties:
The Rangers Handbook - a compendium of Charter related powers and responsibilities:
- Geocities html version
- Board version
How to be a Ranger

Please PM or email with any questions or concerns. :)
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct , 2005 5:22 am 
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Code of Conduct for Rangers

Art.3 ¶6

1. Be the Ranger you want everyone else to be.

2. Prioritise functioning as a Ranger. You can still post as a normal poster yet your priority should lie in keeping the board running smoothly, attending to requests, helping to work on any pending agendas and generally strive to make Board 77 a better place for all members.

3. Read the Ranger's Handbook, observe all the by-laws of the board, and enforce them uniformly. If you are unsure of your authority to take a particular action, use your best judgment and confer with another Rangers as soon as it is possible to do so. Act as a model poster in accordance with all the rules laid out for board 77.

4. Keep the other Rangers updated regularly in a dedicated thread in the Forum Management forum. Touching Base with one another

5. If you are going to be absent from the board for more than 72 hours, notify the other Rangers by posting in the management forum and delegate any pending tasks.

6. Assign priority to answering business-related PM's and emails. If you cannot handle the request of a member yourself, let them know that you have given it to another Ranger.

7. Don't hide being online. Having volunteered as Ranger you have agreed to be available and members need to know which Rangers are online.

8. When posting references to other threads, insert them as clickable links naming the full thread-title to make the posting experience an easy and pleasurable one for everyone.

9. If you have to edit someone else's post, note this in the post with your name and the date.

10. Help the Rangers-in-training to the best of your abilities.

11. Treat all posters the same. When editing posts, answering requests, or enforcing by-laws, be courteous and do not try to intimidate posters with your office.

12. Please don't try to influence the behaviour of our posters on other boards, either by discouraging them from posting or encouraging them to post certain things, or by telling them that what they do on other boards will have consequences for them on B77.

13. If you are going to be absent for two full weeks or more, you must notify the other Rangers in the management forum and arrange in advance for a temporary Ranger to take your place.

14. If you find you must be absent for more than four full weeks, we ask you to resign because a temporary Ranger cannot be appointed to replace you. This will not affect your future eligibility, although you will return to the bottom of the roster as if you had served your term.

15. If you are asked to set up and oversee a Hearing or a Hearing on a Ban, do so promptly.

16. Try to face criticism from posters calmly and not take it personally.

17. If you receive a warning because of a violation of the Code of Conduct, please accept it with good grace. You will always be given a chance to explain your side of any issue. Warnings are not made public, and if they do not accumulate into a Formal Complaint, no record is kept of them.

18. There are certain things which might result in your removal from office, and by agreeing to the Code of Conduct you are agreeing to these terms as well:

- You will not deliberately or maliciously ban posters who are entitled to a hearing or suspend posting rights without due process, except in the course of exercising extraordinary powers.

- You will not reveal private information to which you have access because of your office, such as profile information that members have made hidden or the contents of secret ballots cast by PM or email.

- You will not give another poster access to the admin panel.

- You will not boast on the board about criminal activities or encourage other posters to engage in them, such as use of illicit substances, activities forbidden to minors, obtaining bootleg films or CDs or other violations of copyright law.

19. If you have been accused of any activity that would result in your removal from office, you have the right to a hearing.

Not included in ¶6 but also expected of the Rangers is to communicate freely and consistently with the Mayor in the Michel Delving forum on all arising matters. Note: As we no longer have a Mayor, this is a moot point.

Please PM or email with any questions or concerns. :)
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