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 Post subject: Bleach RP (To be named)
PostPosted: Mon 12 Mar , 2007 11:25 pm 
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Eighth Division Taichou Kyouraku Shunsui was happily snoring off the effects of a night's disreputable fun in an entirely comfortable place where his alcohol-fuelled brain had assured him his fukutaichou wouldn't find him. Wouldn't want to worry her pretty little face, after all. He grunted as he turned onto his side, and felt a rough hardness beneath his large hand. Deciding he was probably outdoors, he pulled his great pink haori up to his shoulders without opening his eyes, but felt only cold air rushing over his body. Irritably he opened his eyes, ready to grumble at the subordinate disturbing his sleep. With one hand he tipped back his hat and caught his words as he realised the person stealing his nice, warm haori was none other that Ukitake-taichou.
"Mou, Uki, how'm I meant to stay warm without that?"
"You could try sleeping at ground level for a start. You're going to drive poor Ise-fukutaichou mad with worry one of these days."
Shunsui stretched out a hand towards the pink silk pathetically.
"Join me here, Jyuu-chan..."
"Why on earth would I want to go to sleep on the roof of your division headquarters at a quarter to nine in the morning?" asked Ukitake briskly, shaking the dust from Shunsui's haori. "Besides, you have a meeting to get to. That's why I thought I'd save your fukutaichou the bother and find you myself."
"Meeting?" Shunsui pulled a face.
"Put it away Shun, nobody wants to see that in the morning, even those of us without a hangover. I brought you this." Ukitake drew from his shihakushou a tokkuri- an earthenwear flask used for serving sake. Gratefully, Shunsui reached towards him.
"It's full of water," warned Ukitake, and Shunsui sullenly drank it, looking little the better as he stowed the empty flask away within the folds of his own uniform.. "Come on then; we're meant to be there in ten minutes. You haven't got time to change- we'll need shunpo as it is."
The slender white-haired man took Shunsui's much larger hand in his, and with surprising ease hauled him to his feet. Shunsui leapt forward from the roof, dragging Ukitake behind him and they both flashed out of vision for a moment, appearing several dozen yards away, then again, and again...
Shunsui had never defended himself in the longstanding debate amongst his division over whether or not he had learnt shunpo solely to stop Ukitake-taichou from berating him over missed routine administration meetings.

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