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 Post subject: After 'Ever After'
PostPosted: Wed 10 Mar , 2010 1:16 am 
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A Bleach fanfiction, posted in parts for Dawn to look over. With thanks.

1. The bocchan and the lordship
It was a crisp spring morn, and birds were squabbling in the bushes, a secret for the ears of those who cared to listen. Passers-by were jovial, and the nip still in the air did not disturb Kuchiki Byakuya as the sunlight sprawled lazily across the floorboards of his sparely decorated office. Serenely, he aligned the pages of information, which concerned graduates newly recruited to the division, against his solid and imposing desk. As captain, he was expected to examine the credentials and interview reports gathered from every rookie hoping to walk into his division building next autumn. Generally, this was a mindless task, since the weak of body and will had already been weeded out through the many years of harsh Academy training; furthermore, his personal reputation would put paid to any shinigami, however talented, who was not committed enough to handle the stern atmosphere which prevailed in the Serious Sixth. Let the unruly Eleventh and the soft-hearted Thirteenth deal with them. Kuchiki-taichou ran a tight ship, and he would not tolerate disrespect or insubordination. Not when the House of Kuchiki represented so much, and not when the stakes for even a routine mission could be so high. However, handling the files was not an unduly unpleasant task. It was orderly; pleasing. On a beautiful morning like this, perhaps he could afford not to think too hard.
It was with these thoughts in mind that his heart silently sank as he felt the pressure in his skull. No matter how skilled a shinigami might be in suppressing their reiatsu, there was just no masking some things. The few truly powerful soldiers of the Seiretei each had a heavy presence, however individually they might be flavoured. A meeting of captains was always, to put it mildly, a headache.
The insistent push from his instincts seemed to be coming from the left. In his nostrils lingered the smell of having-been-able-to-smell roses. To his trained eyes, the room seemed to have taken on a very faint golden glow, visible only at the edge of sight. He sighed, ordered the already neatly-stacked forms, and placed them on the desk before himself. Clearly, he would get no further work accomplished this hour. He suppressed a sigh.
“How can I help you, Kyouraku-taichou?”
The older shinigami sidled into the room with an easy grin, knowing better than to ask how he had been recognised before he had entered. “Maa, Kuchiki,” he gently chided, “haven't we known each other just a little longer than that?”
Byakuya watched the dishevelled old fop for a moment, as he settled unasked and surely uncomfortable in an untidy heap upon the floor. Aware that a question had been asked, he forced himself to address it. “Yes, Captain, we have, of course, been acquainted for some years. However, I find it appropriate to maintain a certain level of propriety, particularly as one officer to another, or even outside work, as a noble lord to a bocchan.” He gazed evenly into Kyouraku's mild brown eyes, and, as usual, found little to read save amusement.
“A bocchan to your lordship perhaps,” he replied, settling into a tone which, Byakuya realised with a further-sinking heart signified that he was happy to banter all day. “But aren't I also the senpai to your kouhai?”
“In years, perhaps,” allowed Byakuya cautiously, knowing that he could never reasonably argue the reverse; could never catch up, no matter how hard he worked, no matter how refined his bladework became, to this ridiculous, drunken old sot.
Who cackled knowingly at his impersonal reply. “Ha! Then there's no catching up for you!”
Really. It was enough to make any man consider snapping his brush in two. But Kuchiki was better than that. He had to be. “Well then, senpai,” he allowed, “what brings you here on so fine a morning?”
“Nothing much,” said Kyouraku breezily. “I just wanted to see how you were doing.”
“H-how I'm doing?” spluttered Byakuya. “I'm doing paperwork! Or, at least, I was.”
“Now there's the Byakushi we know and love!” laughed Kyouraku. “Oh, my dear, you were doing so well for a minute there. But I know you, and I'll always be able to push your buttons!” He took a quick gulp of sake from a tokkuri previously concealed in the folds of his clothing, and abruptly stood once more, lurching as he rose towards Byakuya's desk and stood behind him. A great hairy hand clamped itself over his shoulder, and he resisted the urge to push it away from his delicate scarf. The thick, moustached lips drew close to his ear, and Byakuya stared straight ahead, through the window, trying to remain as passive as he could. It was only polite.
The words came as hot breath before they divulged their meaning. He would still be wondering over what had prompted the intrusion some hours later.
“Your temper. I like it.” The heavy hand gave a rough squeeze. “I hope you won't ever let yourself bury that altogether, will you? Byakushi.”
And with that, the bulky captain wheeled upon himself with that continually surprising grace of his, and wandered through the door again.
It was a full ten minutes before Byakuya was able to regain his composure.

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 Post subject: Re: After 'Ever After'
PostPosted: Wed 10 Mar , 2010 5:38 am 
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:cheers: Yay Shun.

I don't see anything wrong, but I'm having trouble sleeping recently so there's a chance I might have missed something. It reads well :love:

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