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Krugman to Debate an Austrian Economist?

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Post subject: Krugman to Debate an Austrian Economist?
Posted: Sat 30 Oct , 2010 7:13 pm
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PhD profesional economist Robert Murphy of the Von Mises Institue has launched an interesting debate challenge to Paul Krugman. He is gathering pledges that will go to feed the homeless. If Krugman accepts the debate, he gets to enjoy libertarian money go where it often goes but he thinks it never goes. If Krugman rejects the debate, we get to witness Krugman thinking that $100,000 for the homeless isn't worth one hour of his time.

Chip in, make a $25 pledge. You won't be billed unless Krugman actually accepts the debate.

My Debate Challenge to Paul Krugman
As many readers already know, last week I launched a campaign to pressure Paul Krugman into debating me. In just the first week, this sophomoric 7-minute YouTube video has generated $35,000 in pledges. At this point, I don't see how Krugman will ever live this down until he debates me on Austrian versus Keynesian business-cycle theory.
The problem is, he'd have to actually know what is in the Austrian Theory, which based on his public statements he doesn't.


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