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August Rush

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Post subject: August Rush
Posted: Sat 24 Nov , 2007 10:44 pm
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Saw this last night.


The funny thing is, we went to the wrong movie. Mallory and I wanted to see "Dan in Real Life" and we bought tickets to the wrong one. Skull cramps, I guess. :scratch:

About 10 minutes in we realized we were in the wrong movie, but we stuck it out.

It is not a very good movie, actually. :(

So I was glad I'd smuggled a bottle of cider in my purse. Needed something to kill the pain.

Mallory said she didn't know she was going to the movies with a Senior Delinquent. I said, "For pete's sake, Mallory, I'm 63 years old and if I want to smuggle a bottle of cider into a movie and drink it, whose business is that? I won't, you know, fling the bottle at the screen or anything."

Jeez. :rage:

My rating on August Rush: 1/3 star.


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