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Changes to the Charter- Ownership of the Board & Mayor Info

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Please vote whether or not you approve these changes.
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Post subject: Changes to the Charter- Ownership of the Board & Mayor Info
Posted: Mon 15 Dec , 2008 12:27 pm
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The charter amendment committee has reached agreement to repeal or modify several parts of the charter that are no longer relevant. These are routine changes and do not affect the governance of the board in serious ways. We are getting the easy stuff out of the way first, and hope you will ratify these changes while we move on to deal with the harder things. Please vote yes or no for the package.

At least 18 people must cast a vote in order for this vote to be valid.

1. The Existing Text in the section entitled “Ownership of the Board” will be replaced by the following paragraph:
The domain name and hosting account were set up by Jude. To resolve access problems or to answer questions about the TOS, members should contact the rangers.

The board is jointly owned by all its members, and is supported financially by voluntary contributions from the members. At the time of writing, the costs are:

12 USD per year for the domain name, coming due on 5 September each year
119.40 USD per year for the hosting, coming due on 23 September each year

Shortly before the accounts are due, an announcement is put up in the Business Room, stating how much is needed, how and where to contribute, and keeping a running tally of the funds raised so far.
2. B77 will no longer have a Mayor. Article 4 is being repealed. The screen name will be deactivated, the Michel Delving Forum will be removed (threads moved to the Historical Interest Forum), and the Sensitive Info-Mayor forum will be removed (threads moved to the Rangers’ Sensitive Info forum).

The location of Ranger Pool, Jury Pool, Mediator Pool, and Loremaster Pool will be reviewed and a decision will be made where to put them, based on convenience for the Rangers.

The routine functions of the Mayor (record keeping and notification) will be handled by the Rangers. The role given to the Mayor in hearings, complaints, and other serious board activities will be revised when we get to those parts of the charter.


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