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Virginia, preview for the midterms

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Post subject: Virginia, preview for the midterms
Posted: Sat 13 Nov , 2021 11:14 pm
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Virginia and New Jersey had some interesting electoral results.

Youngkin beat McAuliffe first of all. McAuliffe made what he thought was a throw-away line about parents not controlling their childrens' education, and Youngkin picked up on it and rode it to the Governor's mansion. Towards the end the McAuliffe campaign was so desperate that the Lincoln Project got Democrat volunteers to dress up as white supremacists holding tiki torches to pretend to be Youngkin supporters. After a few hours of everyone saying "look at the kind of people who support Youngkin" internet sleuths identified the people involved, including the Treasurer of Young Democrats of Virginia.

In New Jersey there is a slightly smaller but even more interesting race. State Senator Sweeney, president of the Senate, lost to a truck driver who spent about $2300 on his campaign. He made a YouTube video, went door to door, and not a lot else as the Republican Party thought he didn't have a chance. Then came a major upset and Edward Durr, an average working man who entered politics at this race won an unexpected upset victory.

This means the midterms are going to be very interesting, especially with the economy basically collapsing around us.

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