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A new Charter

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Do you accept the new Charter as presented herein?
Poll ended at Sat 07 Feb , 2009 3:20 am
89% [ 42 ]
11% [ 5 ]
Total votes: 47
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Post subject: A new Charter
Posted: Wed 28 Jan , 2009 3:20 am
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The Charter Amendment committee has voted and decided to completely scrap the current Charter in favor of a new Charter as presented below. Many, many kudos to Voronwe_the_Faithful for drafting this up. We now present this new Charter, affectionately known as the Charterlette, to the membership for a board-wide vote. Adoption will be decided by simple majority. The poll will be open for ten days.
Board77 (b77) is a democratically governed internet community where members from around the world gather to cultivate friendships and engage in discussion. Our conversations cover any topic of interest to our members, from current events and philosophy to fine arts and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. We aspire to maintain a culture of respect, equality and openness. b77 is a member-moderated community that expects its members to ensure that they treat each other with respect.

We have a rotating pool of administrators, called Rangers. Rangers serve terms of three months, and are taken from a pool of volunteers. Three to five Rangers will serve at any one time, ideally serving staggered terms. Any member in good standing who has been a member for at least three months and has made at least 100 posts can become a Ranger. To volunteer, simply post here [add link].

The primary duty of the Rangers is to perform normal administrative tasks like setting the permissions for new members, moving or splitting threads where necessary, and administrating the Ranger pool (and facillitating the smooth flow of replacements). However, the Rangers are also charged with ensuring that the culture of respect is maintained, in those rare instances where simple member-moderation is not sufficient. Rangers have broad discretion to take whatever actions they deem necessary to accomplish that goal, including but not limited to editing posts, moving posts or threads to the "Bike Racks" forum where disputes are to take place, or, if necessary, restricting members' rights to post in one or more forums.

Any member who is restricted from posting in one or more forum for longer than two weeks time can request that the action be ratified or rejected by a vote of the whole membership, with a simple majority prevailing. Any other action can be similarly reviewed if called for by the member affected, and is seconded by at least two other members.

If five members call for it, a vote can be held among the full membership to remove a Ranger from office. Again, a simple majority would prevail.

Any membership-wide vote would remain open for a period of one week from the date it is opened. The votes would be administrated by the Rangers. If it is a vote to remove one or more Ranger, it would be adminstrated by the rest of the Rangers. In the extremely unlikely event that a vote was held to remove all of the Rangers, it would be administrated by the next three members listed in the Ranger pool.
Once again, this poll runs for ten days. If the majority votes yes, the new Charter will take effect as soon as the poll closes (and not a minute before). Please limit this thread to voting. A discussion thread is open in the Business Room.


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