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Buying the Texas Supreme Court

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Post subject: Buying the Texas Supreme Court
Posted: Sat 28 Mar , 2009 7:58 pm
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I heard this on NPR this morning and it was one amazing story. The second part is going to be carried Sunday Morning and will then be avaialble on the webpage. ... =102453061" target="_blank" target="_blank

It is about a couple in Texas who built their dream home on a golf course only to have it fall apart in a matter of weeks. They sued the builder and won and won and won at almost every level including binding arbitration. But the builder is a bigtime Republican contributor ( he was the money behind the 1004 Swiftboat campaign) and has pretty much bought the Texas Supreme Court.

This is well worth the 8 minutes it takes to listen to the radio report. Or you can read it right on the link provided.


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