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Paul, Schiff and the Libertarian Metamorphosis

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Post subject: Paul, Schiff and the Libertarian Metamorphosis
Posted: Thu 31 Dec , 2009 1:25 pm
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This was on the news today.

Oh wait, my error. That is a youtube clip of the great magician Doug Hennig attempting to fool a Broadway audience in New York City some years ago that he could change into a woman. It was his performance of the great Harry Houdini trick - METAMORPHOSIS. I saw Hennig do it twice and it was perfectly executed both times. Of course, in real life, everyone knows that a man cannot change into a woman in mere seconds just through the use of magic.

But in this upcoming political season, Libertarians are going to try another type of trick to fool the public. In elections around the land, they are going to pretend that they are not Libertarians but are actually something else. Two of the most prominent of these are Rand Paul in the state of Kentucky and Peter Schiff in the state of Connecticut. Both are attempting to run for Senate seats in 2010 but both are filing as Republicans. This despite the fact that both men claim to be Libertarians and claim they are proud to be so.

Here is the news article on Paul filing for the seat:
Protesters Show Up to Paul Filing
A Republican with his eye on a U.S. Senate seat had a tough time filing his paperwork Wednesday.
Bowling Green doctor Rand Paul officially entered the Republican primary in hopes of winning the U.S. Senate seat now held by Jim Bunning.
But he didn't file himself.
Protesters at the Capitol in Frankfort got in the way.
"I was actually going to offer to pay for Rand's registration myself today with a personal check if he would file what he really is - a Libertarian," said Mike Bryant, a Paul protester.
Paul's campaign manager filed on his behalf.
Paul held a press conference shortly after the filing at the GOP headquarters in Frankfort, telling his supporters he was ready to help them "take our government back."
Paul has raised $1.7 million dollars for his senate run so far. ... aul-filing

It is most telling that even Libertarians feel betrayed by the Republican filing and came out to protest the fraud being attempted on the public.

The same thing is happening in Connecticut for the Senate seat currently being held by Democrat Chris Dodd. The wife of WWF wrestling owner Vince McMahon is trying to get the Republican nomination and investment advisor Peter Schiff - a hero in the libertarian fantasy world of 'Austrian economics' is trying to get the republican nomination. Both Paul and Schiff have been successful at raising significant money, largely through appeals to libertarians via "money bombs" promoted on libertarian websites. .

Of course, some would say this is nothing new. After all, the #1 poster boy for Libertarian politics is Ron Paul of Texas. Paul has been elected to Congress as a member of the House of Representatives for many years now. The only problem there is that while Paul claims to be a Libertarian/libertarian, he does not have the courage to run as such. He files as a Republican, runs as a Republican, and serves as a Republican. The apple does not fall far from the tree as Rand Paul is also the son of Ron Paul.

Doug Hennig was a magician... an illusionist .... a master of show business trickery. He left his audiences with broad smiles upon their faces and everyone knew it was a trick. In fact, the code of the magician states that one must say it is an illusion - a trick - so that they cannot be accused of attempting to perpetuate a fraud upon the public.

It is sad and unfortunate that some Libertarians today feel the only way they can actually get elected to office is by committing a different type of trick, a different type of fraud upon the voting public. It is no wonder that even principled Libertarians are standing up proudly to protest this fraud.

I salute the Frankfort Libertarian protestors for their integrity and honesty. :toast:


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